ChiaoGoo: Fixed Circular Needles

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Needle Size: 1.5mm
Cable Length: 23cm (9")

Pickup available at 17 Richmond Hill, London, TW10 6RE, United Kingdom

Usually ready in 24 hours

ChiaoGoo Fixed Circular Knitting Needles are the Goldilocks of Circular Needles; Not too pointy, not too blunt.

These premium stainless steel circular needles have a carefully machined smooth join between the cables and the tips, meaning there is nothing for your knitting to catch on. The cable is an extremely well-behaved, flexible nylon-coated steel cable which has no memory, so stays smooth and flat when knitting. The tips have a beautifully smooth finish and the size is etched on the side wall of the needle tips.

ChiaoGoo fixed circular needles which are 16” and longer have “Lace” tips. The “Lace” tips are slightly pointier than the non-Lace tips, which makes them a pleasure to work with for every type of knitting whilst reducing the chances of splitting yarns.

These are the Rolls Royce of metal knitting needles and are always what we reach for here at Knit With Me.
Needle Size: 1.5mm
Cable Length: 23cm (9")