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Colour: Loutre

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Please Welcome Candide! Another beauty from De Rerum Natura. This yarn is made from the wool of Arles merinos raised in organic farming in Provence and from cotton recycled on the spot by the spinning mill thanks to a patented technique that preserves the length of the fibres. Think fresh spring days when you look at this yarn. GORGEOUS.

To create this palette, part of the wool is dyed with natural plant extracts (indigo, chestnut, reseda, madder and cochineal) selected for their shade and strength. The dyed and unbleached yarns are then mixed to create the colour range according to the chosen blends and then woolen spun. 

This yarn was dyed and spun in France in the Tarn region by companies with the "living heritage company" label.

Candide has the same technical characteristics as Ulysse: it is a 202 yds (185 m) / 50g yarn, with a traditional 2-ply structure.

The presence of cotton in its composition gives it a little more softness, a fresher feel and more compactness than its pure wool brother. The small cotton flakes give it an original texture and create a mottled look, more or less pronounced depending on the colour. It is a rather dry yarn which, like many woolen spun yarns, gains in softness and fluffiness once washed

We particularly like it in textured stitches but it also brings a very nice natural and relaxed touch to stockinette and garter and gives a lovely earthy look to lace patterns. It can be used for a wide range of patterns written for fingering or sport weight yarns.

It is an ideal yarn for delicate mid-season projects that will benefit from the lightness of wool and the coolness of cotton.

To preserve the natural qualities of the wool and to protect our environment, this yarn is not superwash treated. It is advisable to wash your knitted fabric in lukewarm water with a suitable soap or detergent and leave it to dry flat away from direct sunlight, avoiding rubbing or stretching. If you wish to test the cold wool programme of your washing machine, we advise you to do so first with your sample.

Yarn Specifications


70% Organic merino d'Arles (France) and 30% recycled cotton, included 2% of others recycled fibres (France)

202 yards (185 m) / approx 50 g

GAUGE (for 10 x 10 cm of st st)

26 st x 40 rows, 2,5 mm needles / US 1

24 st x 38 rows, 3 mm needles / US 2

22 sts x 34 rows, 3.5 mm needles / US 4

Knitted with one strand of Bérénice (for 10 x 10 cm of st st)

20 st x 30 rows, 4 mm needles / US 6

19 st x 28 rows, 4,5 mm needles / US 7

18 sts x 26 rows, 5 mm needles / US 8

Colour: Loutre