Bobbles & Berries

Bobbles & Berries Stitch Marker Sets

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Style: Cherry Blossom

Pickup available at 17 Richmond Hill, London, TW10 6RE, United Kingdom

Usually ready in 24 hours. Collect during shop opening hours (Wednesday to Saturday 11.30am - 4pm)

These incredibly beautiful stitch markers are all hand-embroidered and assembled by the talented Aude, the designer and stitcher behind Bobbles & Berries. Her stitch markers are all inspired by the stunning nature and wilderness that surrounds her up in Scotland which has been her home for the past seven years. 

 These stitch markers are stunning, extremely light weight and very smooth with nothing to catch your yarns. I do have a soft spot for the Shetland Sheep, Mushrooms and the Scottish Wildflowers...which are your favourites?


Style: Cherry Blossom