Inkari Stuffed Alpaca Animals

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Style: Medium 32cm Stuffed Alpaca (9)

Pickup available at 17 Richmond Hill, London, TW10 6RE, United Kingdom

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Words cannot do justice to how adorable, and incredibly soft, these stuffed Alpaca Animals are.  You really need to have a feel to believe. 

Our Alpacas come in two main types, a Medium Sized Stuffed Alpaca and a Small Stuffed Suri Alpaca. Each type comes in a range of colours so have a look through the imaged and choose your favourite.

Over the past 7 years Inkari have created a community of over 100 families from Peru who are working together to grow and improve all of the livelihoods in the community including the animals and the farmers. Each of these stuffed animals have been hand made by the Inkari community in Peru.  Every stuffed animal goes through an immense journey that's starts high up in the Peruvian Andes. The hands that make up this community of farmers and workers move, sheer, touch and work on it, sew it, fluff it and put all their love and passion into it before it is finished and sent to us at Knit With Me in London.

Each animal comes with a certificate ensuring that the product is made with the highest level of quality and authenticity by cruelty-free production methods in Peru.

Inkari sat "Alpacas roam the High Andes freely together with the Imari alpaca farmers. Their respectful and mutually beneficial relationship is essential for both the animals and the farmers. These animals and their wool have been worshipped for over 5000 years. All the way from Inca Royalty to alpaca fans today. Alpacas have evolved to withstand the temperature shift int eh Andes and their unique hollow fibres are extremely soft and make everything that is made from alpaca wool able to isolate warmth which it is cold and release heat when its too hot"

Style: Medium 32cm Stuffed Alpaca (9)