Seasonless - Patterns for Life

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Seasonless - Patterns for Life by Karen Templer is an exceptional knitting book that includes five versatile foundation patterns, all customizable in terms of stitch patterns and shaping. All instructions share the same gauge, making them gender- and size-inclusive, with four suggested variations (block stripes, stockinette, mosaic, texture) and shaping options to suit every taste and occasion.

Seasonless also features a section on yarn selection and styling ideas. Four individuals from different regions and climates explain how they would adapt and style the designs from the collection.

Karen Templer
Formerly a writer and editor of food and home renovation books, Karen Templer blogged about knitting, sewing, and slow fashion for nearly a decade, and also designed and sold wildly popular project bags up until the pandemic. Although this book was conceived and written while she was living in Florida, she is now back in the land of four seasons, New York's Hudson Valley, where she looks forward to knitting sweaters for every season.

The publication date of the book is September 9.

Approx. 160 pages
Contains 5 basic knitting patterns by Karen Templer with 4 completely different stitch patterns / looks, plus different shape options to choose from.
Includes 10 sizes for garments.
Hard Cover
Printed in Japan