De Rerum Natura

De Rerum Natura is a beautiful small yarn producer in France that was born out of the pleasure of knitting and discovering the possibility of creating clothes with awareness and simplicity away from over-consumption. The wool used in De Rerum Natura Yarns is a blend of French and European merino raised with concern for the well-being of animals, and the recovery of their wool. All De Rerum Natura bases are muelsing free, ethically and sustainably produced.

The carded bases Ulysse and Gilliatt blend Arles merino with Portuguese brown merinos to create a mottled palette. The more sophisticated worsted base Albertine adds a little touch of silk to accentuate the softness and drape. Antigone is made from flax grown in Normandy. The high quality fibres, without chemical inputs are wet-spun before being twisted and dyed.

All manufacturing is carried out in France and Italy with small mills and the utmost care and concern for the environment. The result is yarns that are as soft and beautiful to knit with as they are to wear.

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